It didn’t take long for great crowds to start following Jesus around. I don’t know for sure what motivated all those people. I’m sure some were just curious about the new preacher. Some probably were hoping Jesus would give them something they wanted. Some were probably desperate enough for healing that they were willing to try anything. There were likely some that came just because everyone else seemed to be going. Others came seeking something they may not have even been able to describe. Some were responding to their soul’s acknowledgement of who was in their midst. Did they consciously understand? I don’t think so, but our souls often understand things our minds refuse to accept. I think that is why people responded to the person of Jesus the way they did. If they truly desired God, they were drawn to Jesus and could not be turned away. If they only wanted the parts that fit with their lives, they were drawn but found reasons to dismiss what he said. If they were content in their self-righteousness, they scoffed and fed their hatred. Whatever their reasons for coming to him, Jesus did not turn them away. He ministered to them all. He taught them. He healed them. He loved them. If they rejected and abandoned him, it was by their own choice, through their own unwillingness to be changed by the truths Jesus revealed. This is the way it is with salvation. God freely offers it to everyone. It all comes down to our response to the offer.