It has become politically incorrect to call people on their sin and false beliefs. We are apparently supposed to “live and let live” because such things supposedly do no harm. While I understand why the world might believe this (or at least want to), I am appalled by how many Christians do. It certainly isn’t a Biblical concept. We are commanded to love but when did “love” start meaning unquestioning acceptance and total approval? If you truly love someone, will you just stand there when the person puts a gun to his/her head and say, “Well, if that’s what you feel you need to do…”? True love will question. True love will act. True love will shed light on damaging behavior. True love will not be silent when someone is doing wrong, even if the harm is only to that person’s soul.

Christians need to be more like John the Baptist. He saw the spiritual leaders of his faith and pointed out their wrongs in clear words: “You brood of vipers” he calls them. There is no doubt what John is saying and he told them what needed to change right after that. Was he harsh? Yes. Do most situations in our lives call for this level of confrontation? No. It would, in fact, be the opposite of loving in most situations. However, John was not condemning them to eternal damnation. Rather, he was reminding them that it was a possibility if they didn’t straighten up. John may sound like the stereotypical street-corner “prophets” so many people write off as crazy but that doesn’t make him wrong. Whether they are taking thousands of others with them (like the religious leaders John addressed) or they seem to be going it alone; if we truly love, we cannot stand silent while those we claim to love destroy themselves.